Fidget spinners have been known to help anyone focus, but did you know that the pint-sized toy can help you when you travel?


The toy has been a proven stress reliever. This can be great for children and adults who get antsy on long car, train, or airplane rides. Designed to keep you or your child occupied, focused, and relaxed, the soothing sensory experience that comes from spinning the fidget toy can also keep you calm during take offs if you’re frightened of air planes.

fidget spinners

For an added bonus, add some soothing essential oils to the spinner and spin on. The release of nice-smelling oils will help you relax during stressful travel days and can keep you occupied during stops at the gas station, layovers, or flight delays. Click here for the best fidget spinners on the market which are perfect for all of your travelling needs.


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